The Children’s Education Advocacy Project assists students and parents in special education and discipline cases. Special needs children have learning problems, and/or medical, physical, or mental health conditions which can interfere with their ability to participate fully in school. In order to succeed and make effective progress in an academic setting, these children may require specially designed academic instruction as well as other services, such as physical or occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, counseling, social skills training, accommodations for physical handicap, specialized transportation, and specialized school placement. 

By advocating on behalf of families with school personnel, experts, and treatment providers, the Project Attorney works to ensure that each student’s needs are correctly identified, his/her rights are protected, appropriate services are developed and delivered, and opportunities for continued education are preserved.

Available services range from:

  • Advice and/or review of documents
  • Representation at IEP TEAM meetings and/or discipline hearings
  • Negotiation with school personnel or school attorney
  • Representation at mediation or further due process actions including hearing before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals  

To promote equal and non-discriminatory treatment for all students, the Children’s Education Advocacy Project also addresses inequities facing low income and minority children who may be more vulnerable due to poverty, race, limited English, or disability.

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